We understand farmers’ unique electrical demands.

Farmers don’t have enough daylight to deal with downtime caused by electrical issues. At CenterPoint Electric, we have decades of expertise designing and installing durable electrical systems for agricultural operations.

We know how important it is that installation jobs like new grain bins and grain-handling equipment go smoothly and are done to code. We’ll do the job with the right materials to make sure you can count on your equipment when you push that button or flip that switch.

We understand livestock facilities and the specific reasons things must work together to maintain power to certain areas at all times, like feed and ventilation systems. If there is a flaw in the preliminary plans provided to us as a guide, you can trust CenterPoint Electric to spot it and implement the right solution.

CenterPoint Electric offers a full range of services for farming operations:

  • Machine shed and shop wiring
  • Wiring for hog and other livestock facilities
  • Electrical upgrades for grain-handling equipment: bins, augers, grain legs, etc.
  • Digging and trenching for underground installations
  • Aerial installations
  • Backup power supply and generator installation